Active Core Plus™ with new Air Optimisation technology

No hearing aid battery lasts longer**

As hearing aid technology advances, the batteries that power them have to be as sophisticated as the device itself.
That’s why we continue to invest in new technology and improve our batteries – to stay one step ahead in an ever-changing world, and power the moments we all live for.

Lasts even longer, performs even better*

Lasts even longer, performs even better*

Active Core Plus™ is state-of-the-art of technology, designed to deliver top performance for modern-day devices. And Air Optimisation is our latest innovation, creating a 10% IEC average performance improvement*. This improves both the reliability and performance of Active Core Plus™, ensuring that no other battery lasts longer**.

Active Core Plus™ with Air Optimisation features:

New Air Optimisation System

As zinc batteries use oxygen to activate, this new durable design uses air more efficiently to deliver consistent performance in all weather conditions.

Balanced Formula

We’ve optimised the ingredients we put inside the cell, so hearing aid users get more life out of every battery.

Engineered For Excellence

Our new harder-working battery delivers even longer-lasting power – Up to 8 hours more battery life*** – offering the reliability that people need with the latest hearing devices.

Every RAYOVAC® battery is packed with over 100 years of innovation. Active Core Plus™ with Air Optimisation is our best yet – expertly controlling airflow to deliver new levels of consistency and performance so you can be sure that no other battery lasts longer**.

Active Core Plus™ with Air Optimisation features:
Active Core Plus™ featuring Air Optimisation

Active Core Plus™ featuring Air Optimisation

With the addition of Air Optimisation to our Active Core Plus™ platform, we’ve made our best performing battery even better**. As the latest hearing devices demand both long-life and reliability, Air Optimisation technology controls air flow to deliver consistent, reliable power, for better performance in all environments.

Rayovac Proline Advanced

Visiting a professional audiologist is the best way to care for your hearing. Our Proline range is exclusive to audiologists and undergoes extensive testing to ensure only the highest quality.

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Rayovac Proline Advanced

Rayovac Extra Advanced

Available in stores or online, Rayovac Extra Advanced hearing aid batteries take advantage of our new Active Core Plus Technology; a breakthrough new cell design which maximises internal space to hold more active ingredients, ensuring our batteries are the longest lasting on the market.

*vs. previous RAYOVAC® size 312 design, based on ANSI/IEC average.

**Based on ANSI/IEC performance tests for sizes 10, 13, and 312 (excludes size 675).

***RAYOVAC® size 312 vs. leading competitor based on ANSI/IEC hearing aid standard test.