How To Test Your Hearing

How To Test Your Hearing

How To Test Your Hearing

It is important to take care of your hearing and to be aware of any slight changes in your quality of hearing as this may be an early warning sign for potential hearing problems. This page allows you to view common questions, along with suggestions about how to check your hearing. If you have any concerns about your hearing it is important that you see a hearing professional for further advice.

Hearing aids reduce the effects of hearing loss

It is a common myth that hearing aids can fully restore hearing. While hearing aids can be a great help to improve lost hearing, they cannot restore all hearing that has been lost. There are two types of hearing aids; analogue and digital.

  • Analogue hearing aids simply amplify all sounds, this can cause problems with background noise for the wearer as this can create too much noise.
  • Digital hearing aids are more sophisticated in that they can help to reduce the interference caused by background noise, however, this is still not completely cut out.

What are the causes for hearing loss?

Hearing loss can be caused by a number of factors, including, old age, infection, wax build up and hereditary diseases. There is no one single cause, but you can work to try to prevent hearing loss, by reducing your exposure to loud noises, remove wax and foreign bodies and obtaining treatment for infections as soon as possible.

What is a cochlear implant?

A cochlear implant is used for individuals with profound hearing loss who will not benefit from the use of hearing aids. The device is consists of two parts; the internal part and the external part. The internal part of the implant is surgically implanted in the bone behind the ear, with electrodes inserted into the cochlea part of the inner ear. The electrodes convert the signals into electric impulses.

The external section consists of a microphone and speech processor which convert sound into an electrical signal that is sent to the electrodes in the inner ear. These then stimulate the auditory nerve sending a signal to the brain, where it is perceived as sound.

How do I know if I have a hearing loss?

If you suspect you may have some degree of hearing loss, you should take this online test. While this test may help you, if you have any concerns you should see a hearing professional for further advice.