Hearing Industries Association President visits RAYOVAC UK plant as Sound Fusion™ production begins

Hearing Industries Association (HIA) President Kate Carr has paid a visit to Energizer Holdings Inc.’s RAYOVAC® hearing aid battery plant in the UK to see the first of its Sound Fusion™ Technology hearing aid batteries roll off the production line.

Following a series of trade showcases across Europe and in the USA, production has started on RAYOVAC® hearing aid batteries with new Sound Fusion Technology. Sound Fusion Technology is the latest innovation from RAYOVAC and represents their major leap forward in power to support hearing.

Kate Carr’s visit comes as Sound Fusion Technology is soon to be rolled out across the globe and it highlights RAYOVAC’s international presence and commitment to supporting hearing care partners around the world.

In her role as President of the HIA, Kate is passionate about educating people on hearing loss, with more than 35 million people in America affected by some type of hearing loss. She has devoted her career to organisations that change outcomes in health care and improve people’s lives.

As members of the Hearing Industries Association, RAYOVAC is backing the HIA’s “Hear Well. Stay Vital” public awareness campaign to promote better hearing health and the positive impact on people’s lives. There is strong synergy between the organisations, with RAYOVAC raising awareness and encouraging more people to seek early support for hearing loss through its World Hearing Day and Better Hearing and Speech Month’s Life Without Limits Campaign.

Hundreds of millions of RAYOVAC® hearing aid batteries are exported worldwide each year from the brand’s two manufacturing facilities, in Tyne and Wear, UK, and Wisconsin, USA, giving users around the world the power to hear more.

Paula Brinson-Pyke, Director of Marketing at RAYOVAC, said: “We are delighted to welcome HIA president Kate Carr to our manufacturing facility in Washington, UK to celebrate the first Sound Fusion Technology hearing aid batteries off the production line. The launch of our latest innovation underscores our commitment to continually improving and pushing the boundaries of primary battery technology for the benefit of our customers and the wider industry.

The addition of Sound Fusion Technology to RAYOVAC-branded products will make this generation of hearing aid battery our most powerful yet. With more battery life, more hours of wireless streaming and excellent performance across a range of temperatures.

“Available to distributors through our RAYOVAC® Extra hearing aid batteries and to our audiology customers via our Pro Line™ Excellence Club from June, Sound Fusion Technology provides our customers and yours with the reassurance that no hearing aid battery lasts longer*.”

President of the Hearing Industries Association Kate Carr said: “It was my pleasure to be able to visit RAYOVAC’s UK site today and see its advanced manufacturing technology in action. RAYOVAC has a longstanding history of firsts in hearing aid battery power and is the only hearing aid battery brand with two production facilities providing economies of scale, speed and efficiency. It was an honour to be able to be here today to see the first RAYOVAC® hearing aid batteries with Sound Fusion Technology roll off the production line at this impressive facility.”

RAYOVAC’s new Sound Fusion Technology will give hearing aid users the power to hear more and will start shipping in June 2022. To find out more about RAYOVAC’s offer to trade customers and the Pro Line™ Excellence Club, visit https://www.thepowerofhearing.com/products/business-builder-program/.

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* RAYOVAC® brand. Based on ANSI/IEC performance tests.