Quality & Testing

All Rayovac hearing aid batteries are made to ensure the highest quality for users. Rayovac has developed an advanced test regime that accurately reflects device and consumer requirements. Following the most recent guidelines established by ANSI and IEC, battery performance, quality, and reliability are strictly monitored assuring that you and your patients receive the very best performance battery after battery.

Continuous Testing

To demonstrate our leadership in hearing aid battery performance, Rayovac has developed an advanced testing regime to accurately reflect device and consumer requirements. This exhaustive criteria simulates device drain and environmental conditions using our established protocols for evaluating critical hearing aid attributes including: current & pulse characterization; temperature & humidity; corrosion & leakage; open stand; dimensions; shelf life & reliability; in-situ hearing aid battery voltage and current and, most importantly, IEC competitive performance.

The competitive performance test procedure was established by ANSI and IEC. The results based on the this test regime prove that Rayovac ProLine Mercury Free hearing aid batteries are our longest lasting and the most consistent performing battery.

Continuous Testing


Our manufacturing facility in Washington UK and Portage USA, produces hearing aid batteries conforming to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2008 certifications along with using Statistical Process Controls to ensure consistency of product, along with the latest quality methodology and software to continually improve systems and products. At Rayovac, our manufacturing facilities perform the following quality checks to ensure customers receive a consistent battery every time:

  • Use of state of the art “SPC” statistical process control systems to aid control and continuously reduce variability and improve reliability.
  • 262 quality checks are completed during the manufacturing process.
  • The latest in non contact measurement systems (i.e. vision, laser, camera) are used to assess and inspect the hearing aid batteries.
  • Cell performance is tested at various temperature, humidity and thermo cycle extremes.
  • Every single hearing aid battery manufactured is electrically tested for OCV and impedance prior to shipment.
  • Product and component testing is carried out to 5 years