Rayovac Retail Hearing Aid Batteries

The Best Has become even better



As a Retailer, your goal to drive more sales and promote your store brand understandably takes the lead in the business decisions you make.

At Rayovac, we have a range of programmes designed to provide our partners in business with a myriad of advantages over their competitors – from driving additional traffic to your stores to the ease and convenience of stocking Rayovac products (including a larger card design that fits better with the standard battery assortment).

It’s important to remember that 1 in 6 people in Europe have a hearing aid – through working with Rayovac directly you can avoid missed sales opportunities from stocking an incomplete selection.


Rayovac is the superior battery for every unique individuals hearing needs.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Convenient, easy to handle packaging
  • Advanced 4 year shelf life
  • Full product guarantee
  • Recyclable packaging


Improved and reliable quality from the world leading manufacturer.

  • Appealing RCP and trade margins
  • Growing demand for product (growth category)
  • Extra sales in battery segment
  • Rayovac brand quality ensured with full product guarantee*
  • Ongoing product investment and development

New blister dimensions for better space management, zap pack as a standard for whole assortment (blister 6 and 8) and easy to merchandise inner carton.

Communication and POS

The performance of our batteries is not the only thing that sets us apart; it is also our support for retailers. Our consumers should be able to buy a hearing aid battery as easily as they can any other everyday item. Rayovac hearing aid batters are a regular, repeat purchase so it should be convenient, with batteries available at regular stores, for that impulse purchase.

With our strong store presence and supported material, we make it easy for stores to stock Rayovac batteries, allowing more time for consumers to spend purchasing other items. All of which makes Rayovac the go-to provider for retailers and consumers around the world.

Communication and POS

Communication Materials

Communication Materials will include illustrative consumer leaflets, infographics and videos on websites to support the consumer’s purchase decision.

Explanatory POS Materials

Explanatory POS Materials will answer consumer’s questions about which battery size they need, how they can change their hearing aid batteries by them selves and what influences their battery’s life.