Hard of Hearing Survival Guide for the Festive Season

The festive season can be one of the most stressful times of year for hard of hearing people with all of the commotion, group conversations and loud music. We’ve put together a handy set of tips for the hard of hearing to enjoy the fun with the minimum amount of stress!

Family time

It’s a fantastic feeling having all of your family together under one roof, however, there can be a lot of background noise.

One at a time!

Keeping up with conversation and lip-reading with more than one person can be a challenge. Remind your family to speak one at a time.

Additional Ears

Background noise from music or other conversations may make it difficult to carry out a conversation.  Ask a friend or a family member to be your hearing buddy if you are at a family gathering. They can help you keep up-to-date with what’s being said and will offer support if you miss-hear something.  Don’t be afraid to ask someone to repeat what they said.

Quiet Zone

Don’t strain over background noise if you want to have a conversation with your friend or family member. Either find a quiet place away from the TV or family games to talk, or ask if the music can be turned down slightly.

Eating out

Eating out means less housework, but it does mean busy venues and background music which can mean you are straining to hear the conversations.

Inform the Venue

Contact the restaurant you have booked for your festive feast and request your table is reserved in a quiet area, away from loud speakers, heavy traffic and the kitchen area.

Prime Seat

Choose your seat wisely! Select a seat so your back is against the wall. This means no one will be passing or talking behind you, which could be distracting.

Face to Face

Ask your fellow diners to face you when they are talking.  Ask them to avoid covering their mouths or talking whilst eating. Those who are sat next to you, ask them to tap your arm if they would like to speak to you.  Remind your family or friends of your hearing loss so they know you are not being rude if you don’t respond straight away.

…and Relax

This time of year is about creating memories with your friends and family regardless of your hearing difficulties. If you need to give your ears a break, don’t be afraid to take time out by either sitting in a separate room or having five minutes taking in the fresh air.

From all of us at Rayovac, whatever you get up to, happy holidays!

If you have any great Hard of Hearing tips you would like to share, tweet us at @HearwithRayovac or find us on Facebook.

"If you have any great Hard of Hearing tips you would like to share, tweet us at @HearwithRayovac or find us on Facebook /HearwithRayovac"