World Hearing Day

March 3rd, 2021



What does it mean to have the power to hear more? To live life uninterrupted. This World Hearing Day, RAYOVAC® is celebrating all that is possible with the right tools and support.

Staying connected has never been more important. Through innovative hearing solutions, the dedication of hearing professionals and the courage to seek help, millions of people living with hearing loss are enjoying more of the moments that matter.

The ‘More Power to You’ campaign empowers people to speak up about their experiences, as well as offering encouragement and advice.

We champion the inspirational stories of the hearing heroes who have overcome adversity, take you behind the scenes on the journey of our cutting-edge hearing aid batteries, and show you the difference a long-lasting and reliable battery can make.

So, share away – watch our videos, read the articles, spread the word and let’s empower anyone experiencing hearing loss to live life to the full.


Case Studies

Case Studies

Rayovac have collaborated with real life people who experienced more from life when they received help and embraced their hearing loss. Listen to find out how hearing loss affected their professional and personal lives and how they overcame any challenges to achieve their goals.

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Let’s all help raise awareness of hearing loss! We want to empower everyone to speak up about hearing loss, and encourage healthy discussion.

The best way we can raise awareness is by coming together, collaborating and speaking louder with one message – the importance of hearing loss.

Download our toolkit and social media assets and discover the ‘more’ that is possible through the power of hearing #WorldHearingDay | #MorePowerToYou

More Power
Hearing Care for ALL! Screen, Rehabilitate, Communicate

Hearing Care for ALL! Screen, Rehabilitate, Communicate

This world hearing day we’re supporting the World Health Organisation and their «Hearing Care for ALL!, Screen, Rehabilitate, Communicate» campaign.

Do learn more about the amazing work the WHO do, check our their website

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